Class of 1956 Sixty Year Reunion


Dates and Contacts

Ravenswood’s alumni embody our proud traditions of positive leadership, holistic learning and caring community. Reunions continuously renew these values. They provide opportunities to reaffirm shared experiences, rekindle and foster friendships and to reconnect with the school as it continues to evolve.
Reunion Date Organiser Contact Details Booking Link
30 Year (1987) 9 September 2017 Cathy Mackay Email
5 Year (2012) Email
50 Year (1967) Email
10 Year (2007) Email
20 Year (1997) Email
30 Year (1987) Email
40 Year (1977) 28 October 2017 Elizabeth Bowe Email
60 Year (1957) Email

Please contact your reunion organiser for further details or if you would like to help.

Ravenswood’s Development Office can assist you with your reunions, including Year Group lists and venue suggestions. Please contact Jane Donnelley, Development Office Events Coordinator at or (02) 9498 9825.

For international or interstate reunions, please email Kim Williams in the Marketing, Communications and Engagement Department at