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2016 Academic Results

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Ravenswood’s Class of 2016 applied themselves to their studies with dedication, focus and enthusiasm, achieving some excellent results. We congratulate them for their strong academic performance and look forward to watching their progress as the years unfold.

Ravenswood School for Girls is committed to offering a vibrant, balanced and multifaceted curriculum that supports academic, cultural, spiritual and practical domains of learning. Students have the option of presenting for assessment in either the New south Wales Higher School Certificate (HSC) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

2016 HSC and IB Results 2016 HSC and IB Results (8570 KB)

The 2016 cohort’s highest International Baccalaureate ATAR was 99.85 (converted from a result of 44 out of 45). The highest HSC ATAR was 99.40. The median overall ATAR (middle result) was 87.95. These are very impressive results for a proudly non-selective school.


Students with ATARS over 99


  • Jane Son 
  • Gabriella Spencer 
  • Catriona Corby 
  • Saskia Fung
  • Alexandra Touw
  • Stephanie Freeborn
  • Lynette Yang

HSC Highlights

106 Ravenswood students studied for the Higher School Certificate.

Eight students were celebrated as All Round Achievers for scoring results in the top Band for at least 10 units:
  • Emma Brading
  • Kate Lawrence
  • Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee
  • Sarah McKenzie
  • Gabriella Spencer
  • Alison Westmore
  • Violet Williams
  • Amanda Yeo
Top Achievers in Course

Violet Williams achieved a top ten placing in her Hospitality Examination (4th).

Distinguished Achievers

Students who scored 90 or more (a Band 6 result) in a course are noted as Distinguished Achievers. In 2016, 66 Ravenswood students out of a cohort of 106 achieved a score of 90 or more in a subject. Ravenswood achieved 162 mentions on the Distinguished Achievers list.

Subjects with all students in Band 6 (or E4) 

  • Music 1                 
  • Design and Technology
Subjects with all students in Band 6 or Band 5 (or E4 and E3)
  • Chinese Background Speakers 
  • Design and Technology                 
  • Drama 
  • English Ext 1 
  • English Ext 2 
  • English as a Second Language 
  • French Continuers 
  • History Ext
  • Mathematics Ext 1 
  • Textiles Technology
Subjects with 80% or more students in Band 6 or Band 5 (or E4 or E3)
  • Business Studies
  • Design Technology 
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • English Advanced, ESL
  • English  Ext 1 and 2
  • French Continuers
  • History Ext 
  • Legal Studies
  • Mathematics Ext 1 and 2
  • Mathematics General 2
  • Modern History
  • Music 1
  • Textiles and Design 
  • Visual Arts

Selections to HSC Exhibitions

In addition, a number of students were selected for the various showcases of the best of the best:

Selected for ARTEXPRESS
  • Georgia Byers
  • Olivia Dainton
  • Kaitlyn Oliver 
  • Nina Carraro 
Nominated for ARTEXPRESS
  • Kristen Browne
  • Georgia Byers
  • Olivia Dainton
  • Kate Lawrence
  • Bianca Luciano
  • Bonnie McEwan
  • Kaitlyn Oliver
  • Elouise Trewartha
  • Nina Carraro
Nominated for Encore
  • Sarah Breden
  • Sarah Newton
Nominated for Shape
  • Phoebe Gray
  • Ingrid Howell 
  • Bonnie McEwan
  • Chulan (Emily) Zhu 


Each year various media organisations rank schools’ HSC performance in terms of the number of Band 6 results they have achieved. While this analysis of results is in some ways limited, and does not reflect the performance of all students, it is nevertheless of interest. Ravenswood is ranked as:

  • 39th best performing school in NSW HSC
  • 8th best performing independent school in General Mathematics.

IB Diploma Highlights:

International Baccalaureate

Ravenswood has offered the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma for 13 years, and has a proud tradition of achieving outstanding academic results. The 2016 cohort of 24 students was no exception.

Ravenswood’s average IB ATAR was 94.60. One student scored 44 (ATAR 99.85), four students scored 43 (ATAR 99.70) and three students scored 40 (ATAR 98.30).

Ravenswood’s average IB Diploma score was 36.30 (ATAR 94.60) which compares very favourably with the world average of 29.21. 56% of Ravenswood candidates achieved an ATAR above 94, while 78% of candidates achieved an ATAR above 90.