Commemorative Paver Program

The Commemorative Paver Program celebrates your daughter’s or granddaughter’s time at Ravenswood by laying a personalised paver in the Old Girls’ Courtyard.

Pavers may be laid on behalf of girls in any Year Group between Prep and Year 12, with many choosing to lay their daughter’s paver whilst she is at Ravenswood so that she can enjoy a feeling of connection and pride. Alumni are warmly invited to personalise a paver, with many choosing one for themselves and their siblings to be laid in a family grouping.

A commemorative paver symbolises the enduring legacy of a philanthropic and tax deductible donation to the Ravenswood Building Fund of $500. Pavers may be inscribed in a variety of ways, often with a girl’s full name, alumni year, and House.

Pavers are displayed in the beautiful Old Girls’ Courtyard, which re-opened in January 2018 after being redesigned by the two-time Chelsea Flower Show medal winner, celebrity landscape designer Charlie Albone.

The Program is overseen by the Ravenswood Foundation, which recognises each year’s donors at the annual Pavers and Pavlovas Afternoon Tea in the Old Girls’ Courtyard, when girls, alumni and parents delight in seeing their pavers laid for the first time.

For more information on the Program or to donate, contact our Head of Development and Alumni, at or call (02) 9498 9898.