Fidler Fellowship Bequests

The Fidler Fellowship was established to acknowledge and honour in their lifetime, those who offer a commitment through a Bequest. Including Ravenswood in your Will is a very meaningful way of contributing towards the legacy and security of the School and enabling initiatives and opportunities to be embraced by our students, both now and into the future.

The Margaret Donaldson Bequest

Following the receipt of a generous and thoughtful bequest made to Ravenswood by Miss Margaret Donaldson (Class of 1921), The Margaret Donaldson Scholarship for the Best All-Round Student entering Year 10, was established to honour and remember Miss Donaldson. This three-year scholarship, awarded annually, has gone on to benefit many students and facilitated their learning experiences and opportunities.

The Virginia Farley Bequest

Ravenswood’s Wayne Stuart, Australian Concert Grand Piano was bequeathed to the School by Mrs Virginia Farley (Class of 1947) in 2013. In 2002, Mrs Farley commissioned the 2.9 metre, 97 key piano, which has an Australian red cedar flame figured veneer, and was handmade in Newcastle. Mrs Farley’s abiding passion was music and in 2007, she hosted Ravenswood’s annual Music Scholars' Concert at her home, where students had the honour of playing on her beloved piano. On that occasion, the students so inspired her that she graciously bequeathed the piano to the School.

The piano bears the inscription Beauty is truth, truth beauty, in memory of Mrs Farley’s parents. Mrs Farley’s legacy was made in the hope that students would be inspired to play beautifully and to create their own truth and beauty through music.


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Ravenswood’s Wayne Stuart, Australian Concert Grand Piano bequeathed by the late Mrs Virginia Farley (Class of 1947).