Fidler Fellowship Bequests

The Fidler Fellowship, named after our founding Headmistress Mabel Fidler, was established in 2002 to honour and recognise those who offer their commitment and generosity to Ravenswood in the form of a bequest.

Membership of the Fidler Fellowship is open to anyone who makes a bequest to Ravenswood. New Fellows are presented with the Fidler Fellowship pin and, with permission, are acknowledged on our Fidler Fellowship Honour Board. Our Fidler Fellows are an important part of the Ravenswood community and we take great delight in witnessing the strong bonds between Fidler Fellows and the school.

‘I was the 1951 representative on the Old Girls Committee, later the Secretary and then Ravenswood Old Girls' Union representative on School Council. Our family has been associated with Ravenswood for such a long time - almost without a gap for 60 years. I started at Ravenswood in 1940 and the year I left, my sister Sue started. A gap then of 2 years after she left and my first daughter Vicki started in 1965, then Sally in 1967 and Robin in 1970. By the time Robin left in 1983 there were still three cousins at Ravenswood. I have been supporting Ravenswood one way or another for quite a while. I'm really quite sentimental about Ravenswood. It is important that if you have the school's interests at heart that you do something about it.

I encourage you to join me and make a bequest to Ravenswood.'
Mrs Jane Winterbotham, inaugural Fidler Fellow. Extract from her speech made at the Fidler Fellowship launch dinner in 2002.

A bequest is a gift specified in your Will. Including Ravenswood in your Will is a very meaningful way of contributing towards the legacy and security of the School and enabling initiatives and opportunities to be embraced by our students, both now and into the future. Your gift will honour you, your family or someone close to you for generations to come – the greatest inheritance possible. We welcome confidential discussions on the lasting impact a generous gift can have.

Gifts can be made as follows:

  • a specific sum of money
  • stocks and shares
  • insurance policies
  • specific assets such as collections of a valuable nature, works of art, memorabilia etc
  • a percentage of your estate - this ensures the other beneficiaries are not affected by possible changes in the size of your estate or by inflation
  • the residue of your estate - after providing for your family and friends, you may decide to leave the remainder of your estate to Ravenswood, and
  • a combination of the above

Most people will direct their bequest in an unrestricted way to the school - these unencumbered gifts allow the school to use the donations in areas of particular need and at the discretion of the Principal and School Council.

Others prefer to direct their bequest to an area that has touched their lives - perhaps a Music Scholarship, or resources for the Library. For some, contributing to the Scholarships program, thereby enabling students not in a financial position to attend Ravenswood, is paramount.

A bequest is an opportunity for you to make a very special, tangible and lasting gift that will touch the lives of future Ravenswood students.

We recommend that you involve your family in your decision to make a gift to Ravenswood and that you also seek the advice of your solicitor.
You might like to consider the following wording which can easily be added to your existing Will:

I give to Ravenswood School for Girls Gordon (description of bequest) and I direct that the receipt of the Principal or Business Manager shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor for this bequest.

It is important to us that we show our appreciation for your commitment and thoughtfulness and so we encourage you most earnestly to let us know of your bequest or bequest intention. We will take great delight in welcoming you to the Fidler Fellowship. There is no obligation to notify us of the value of your bequest.

Complete and submit the online form or download the PDF form and return to: Ravenswood Community Engagement Team. 10 Henry St, Gordon NSW 2072.

The completed form is not a legal document, but an indication of your intentions.

Private and confidential conversations, and questions, are encouraged with the Ravenswood Community Engagement team: (02) 9498 9898 or


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Ravenswood’s Wayne Stuart, Australian Concert Grand Piano bequeathed by the late Mrs Virginia Farley (Class of 1947).