Junior School

International Mindedness

Junior School aims to equip our students with a well-developed cultural and global understanding of the world so that they embrace tolerance and respect differences.

Developing a cross cultural understanding by learning about different countries and their beliefs, valuing the traditions of others and understanding our roles and responsibilities towards others and the planet, are essential parts of Ravenswood’s International Mindedness.

Strong values, based on the school’s Guiding Principles of Respect, Courage, Excellence and Compassion, ensures the students have clear expectations of their conduct towards others.

In Years 1–2, through the Pen Pal Program, students are able to communicate with others around the world, sharing ideas and knowledge.

Year 3 studies international explorers’ discovery of Australia with Year 4 comparing and contrasting the geography and environmental aspects of living in an Asian country versus Australia.

Harmony Day, strongly supported by Year 5, provides opportunities for the students to work and socialise with others who have different cultural or social backgrounds.

The Inquiry Unit Studies of Asia, enlightens Year 6 about education and life in one of our neighbouring Asian countries.

The study of Literature assists with discussions and enables older students to deepen their understanding of the lives of others. Supporting this are Author Visits, where students are able to discuss the personal experiences of many of the authors.

Language is another avenue for fostering deeper cultural understanding. Students in K–4 study French while in Years 5–6, there is a choice of either French or Chinese (Mandarin).

Participating in events such as National Reconciliation Week, which raises awareness of the issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, skyping with scientists based in Antarctica or participating in a Taste of Asia Day, are all activities in Junior School designed to encourage better cultural understanding and support the concept of mutual acceptance.