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Welcome from the Head of
Junior School

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Welcome to Junior School. This is the platform for your daughter to grow into an accomplished young woman, being the best she can be for herself and those around her, respected as an individual, and as an innovative contributor.

My goal for each student is for her to be happy to come to school, happy at school, happy to share with and care about others, happy to make lifelong memories and friends, determined to achieve her personal best in everything she undertakes, enjoy the many wonderful opportunities presented to her and for her to become an integral part of the Ravenswood family. For your daughter to excel she is encouraged to develop a responsible attitude to and for her learning.

I want your daughter to be inspired to excel, to be an inquiring learner, a challenger, a person with a healthy sense of humour and self-worth, who is tolerant, respectful and caring. I can assure you that as a Ravenswood girl, your daughter will be known by name and supported by staff dedicated to her wellbeing, academically and socially.

Through the educational and social programs offered in Junior School, my aim is for your daughter to develop the Five Cs:

  • Confidence — to feel empowered and have self-belief
  • Composure — to develop independence and resilience to effectively manage any situation
  • Communication — to successfully convey her ideas with conviction and clarity
  • Coordination — to manage her time and activities, to ensure she gains the most from every opportunity
  • Commitment — to show dedication to her learning, commitment to others less fortunate and to strive for her personal best.

With these qualities, your daughter will be equipped for her world wherever her journey takes her, able to make a contribution, respectful of differences, and with a lifelong love of learning.

I look forward to sharing every aspect of your daughter’s Ravenswood journey with you.

Mrs Cheryl Bailey

Head of Junior School


Ravenswood is proud to be named an Innovative School for 2018 by The Educator for work in the areas of Positive Education and STEM: https://bit.ly/2wH3HBO.