Junior School


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Wellbeing is the complex combination of a student’s physical, social, emotional and spiritual influences, which link to happiness and satisfaction. A sense of wellbeing is essential to a student’s learning and development, and in Junior School, our students’ health and happiness is our priority.

Influences on Wellbeing at school

In Junior School, we ensure expectations and responsibilities are fair and equitable, and goal setting in classes ensures that realistic and achievable goals are set, and reviewed each term. Each student is well-known by staff and monitored closely to ensure she is happy, developing sound relationships with her peers and teachers, is fulfilled in her spiritual beliefs, enjoys a range of physical and leisure pursuits, and experiences a sense of belonging.

A range of academically fulfilling interests, as well as sport and leisure activities ensures each student is able to achieve a balance in her academic and social life. Programs that support and challenge are provided in and out of the classroom, such as the da Vinci Decathlon, Future Problem Solving and debating, to name a few. Students also enjoy a range of creative pursuits from Visual Arts to Music.

Opportunities to represent Junior School on the Student Representative Council (SRC) and Ravenswood Environmental Protection Agency (REPA) enable students to collaborate across Year Groups, with like-minded peers.

Physical Wellbeing

Providing inbuilt physical activity at school, is an important part in helping students develop and maintain their physical wellbeing. Regular physical education classes assist students to develop skills, keep fit and maintain a strong physical structure. The Dance program provides additional physical activity to be enjoyed by all Junior School students.

Participation in a range of physical pursuits after school helps maintain this physical wellbeing. Popular amongst Junior School students is gymnastics and swimming, as well as representative teams, who play a range of sports each term against other schools.

The playground is a less formal place for creative play, where students actively engage with others. The students can be seen enjoying the climbing frame, building cubby houses and enjoying football and running games. The Crunch&Sip® program ensures each student maintains a healthy attitude to food and concentration levels.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Developing and maintaining a social group is vital for every student to maintain her psychological wellbeing. Development of relationships is encouraged both in and out of the classroom. A well-designed Orientation program supports new students and ensures a connectedness with peers. A strong stance on bullying is maintained at all times.

Through the Better Buddy, Peer Support and Prefect Big Sister programs students are taught to engage across Year Groups in a positive and respectful manner. Self-management of behaviour and emotion is encouraged, with few rules to hinder this. Professional support is provided through the School Counsellor and Chaplain. Our strong Pastoral Care ensures each student is supported and has a listening ear, especially in the area of faith, spirituality, relationships and grief.

Our Social Justice programs enhance an understanding of others and are an important part of Junior School. Students and parents work to maintain sponsorship of the Guide Dogs puppies, Northlands Academy in India, Salvation Army Christmas Appeal and Wesley Mission, to name a few social projects.

Spiritual Wellbeing

Ravenswood is a Uniting Church School with a Christian faith, a commitment to the gospel values and the school’s Guiding Principles of Respect, Courage, Excellence, and Compassion.

Opportunities to explore spirituality include weekly Chapel Services led by the students and supported by the Chaplain, Religious Education classes, the Crusaders (Cru) group, guest speakers and special events. Through these activities, students have the opportunity to understand and appreciate the Christian faith.