Junior School

Wellbeing Structure

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A sense of wellbeing is essential to a student’s learning and development, and at Ravenswood, your daughter’s wellbeing is critically important to us.

In Junior School, the class teacher is always the first point of contact for each student.

  • Academic Wellbeing is the responsibility of class, specialist subject and learning enrichment teachers. Each student is monitored for her progress and attitude to learning. Communication is maintained with parents through regular reporting, meetings and discussions.
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing is managed through the class teacher, Counsellor, Chaplain and Wellbeing team. A variety of developmental programs are used to help develop strong social skills and emotional resilience for each student. Should a difficulty arise, discussion and intervention by the class teacher, Deputy Head of Junior School, Counsellor or Chaplain is available.
  • Physical Wellbeing is managed through the Junior School office where there is a minor ailment. If your daughter has a more concerning health issue she will be transferred to the Health Care Unit for a formal health assessment by the registered nurse. Some students recover after a short period in the Health Care Unit, with parents contacted depending on the health issue.