Global Experience Program

Ravenswood’s approach to education reflects the growing recognition that schools today need to have a broader international focus, in order to prepare students to be competitive in an increasingly global economy.

Supporting this philosophy is Ravenswood’s robust Global Experience Program, which encompasses the many experiences at the school, designed to foster global awareness and intercultural understanding. Ravenswood is committed to offering students the opportunity to expand their horizons, by providing extensive co-curricular and community programs both in Australia and overseas.

In Secondary School, Ravenswood’s overseas Tours and Immersions help support learning in the curriculum, community service development, and provide opportunities for sporting and other teams to compete internationally. Students also have the opportunity to undertake Exchanges to experience different cultures or support language acquisition. These experiences can take students anywhere from New Zealand to Europe, the Americas or Asia.

It is not just the opportunity to travel overseas that gives students a global perspective, fostering a greater knowledge of diversity and cross cultural understanding occurs within the school grounds, through globally-minded leadership. The introduction of programs like the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in 2005 is one example.

Participating in events such as National Reconciliation Week, which raises awareness of the issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, skyping with students in Nepal or participating in the Multicultural Assembly, are all activities designed to encourage better cultural understanding and support the concept of mutual acceptance.

Global awareness and meaningful global exchange fosters authentic learning and allows students to communicate and collaborate cross-culturally, to bring about change. Through the programs offered at Ravenswood, students have the opportunity to develop deeper cross-cultural understanding, which will ultimately prepare them to be more successful in an increasingly globalised world.