Learning Framework

Middle Years English

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English offers exciting opportunities to explore how literature reflects our everyday lives, how we can escape to different worlds and learn about experiences beyond our own.

Year 7

Year 7 involves an integrated approach to the study of both English and History, where students become Time Detectives and explore literature through its relevant historical context. Students begin to understand the origins of the English language and how we have evolved as readers over the centuries. Students become discerning archaeologists as they delve into a range of activities designed to build their creative and analytical skills.

Students are challenged to think beyond themselves, consider the perspectives of others and the different experiences that exist in the world. International Mindedness is encouraged through immersion into various cultures and societies.

Years 8–9

Years 8-9 are immersed in the reading of canonical texts, studying a range of Shakespearean plays and contemporary literature which includes Visual Literacy, Speeches, Novels, Short Stories and Poetry. Building on the work from Year 7, students continue to develop creative and analytical skills.

Students are exposed to a range of cultural experiences through literature which allows for a rich engagement in English. Students are challenged to undertake various activities that require independent learning as well as developing collaborative skills. Students develop an understanding of how literature reflects society’s values and morals, and how we as individuals can learn from composers and their representations. Experiencing Live Theatre is a valuable component in any students’ educational journey, and every student in the Middle Years has the opportunity to attend a performance.

English allows students to be critical thinkers who can move into wider society with confidence and a broad understanding of the world around them.