Learning Framework

The Middle Years Learning Studio

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The Middle Years Learning Studio is a flexible learning space equipped with contemporary furniture and wireless technology that can be configured to support independent research, one-to-one instruction, small and large group collaborative study and discussion.

The Learning Studio is utilised in the Middle Years and enables teachers to work in teams to design experiences that facilitate cooperative learning. The environment is designed to easily accommodate changes in the mode of teaching. As students learn in different ways, work is set to cater for a range of interests and learning styles. Students are provided with choice and are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. Smaller break-out spaces provide opportunities to group students in flexible ways, for group or individualised interventions, to address specific learning needs.

In the Middle Years, we appreciate that students’ care about relationships and friendships and as a result, paired and group work can be an effective form of learning. The Learning Studio recognises the need for girls to talk their way into understanding, and working collaboratively in this environment increases their level of engagement in the classroom.

Classes rotate through the space, with subject departments taking advantage of common periods to work on exciting group projects across a Year Group, or to present ideas and concepts relating to Key Learning Areas. Classroom teachers are supported by specialist teachers from Learning Enrichment and the Learning Resources Centre.

In between visits to the Learning Studio, students continue to learn in general purpose classrooms with their individual teacher, so that direct instruction continues to take place and student-teacher relationships thrive.