Senior Years

Academic Care

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Our aim in the Senior Years, is to build on the skills developed in Middle Years of curiosity, self-directedness, collaboration, resilience and critical thinking. As students approach the conclusion of their secondary education, academic care is focused on students reaching their potential in their choice of exit credential, the Higher School Certificate (HSC) or International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programs. Ravenswood also offers a range of programs to assist students in a successful transition to life after school, at university or another tertiary course or work and other pursuits.

Students receive a great deal of support including:

  • careers and tertiary education counselling
  • advice from specialist teaching staff on selection of exit credential and/or subject choice
  • extension and support from the Learning Enrichment Department.

Student performance is tracked by specialist staff to ensure every student is reaching her potential. A diverse range of data is analysed, including performance in every assessment, external testing including NAPLAN, involvement in co-curricular activities, absenteeism and other sources, to identify any areas of underperformance and/or potential for further extension.

In the Senior Years, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to be involved in decisions that affect their learning. Strong teacher/student relationships help to meet the needs of each student and produce thriving learning environments.

Year Coordinators oversee each Year Group and track, monitor and support students. They confer regularly with the Director Student Wellbeing, Director Student Analytics, the Coordinator Academic Studies, the Coordinator Teaching Quality, teachers and parents about student learning. Regular dialogue and feedback between staff and students is also actively encouraged to promote independent and proactive learning. Year Coordinators also provide academic care through the incorporation of academic and study skills, in specialised Senior Years Programs.

Students are also supported by Mentors, who have the responsibility of a small number of students. Mentors meet with a group of students organised in a vertical structure from Years 10–12 on a cycle of nine out of ten days, to monitor their academic progress and wellbeing.