Ravenswood Alumni Scholarship

Each year the Ravenswood Alumni funds a part-scholarship for a student entering Year 11. Its intention is to enable the daughter, granddaughter or great granddaughter of a Ravenswood Old Girl to either commence at Ravenswood or continue with her existing enrolment.

Ravenswood Scholarship applications for 2022 have closed.


  • For girls entering Year 11 in 2022 
  • Applicants are required to take the Scholarship Exam conducted by Academic Assessment Services
  • This Scholarship is available to daughters or granddaughters or great-granddaughters of Ravenswood Alumni

The application must include:

  1. A completed Ravenswood Alumni Scholarship Request Form
  2. A Curriculum Vitae (three pages maximum) outlining the applicant’s achievements in the last two years in her school and local community.

When the 2020 scholarships have been opened, supporting documents are to be uploaded, together with the application, on the Academic Assessment Services website.

Value: Year 11 – $8000, Year 12 – $8000

The Scholarship does not include Academic Tuition Fees, core curriculum charges, curriculum related amounts, enrolment fees or other sundry charges which are payable.

All scholarship students will have their progress reviewed annually.