April Adventures

Posted : 16-Apr-2018 FAVOURITE

Ravenswood travelled far and wide during the April school holidays. Chinese and History students explored the vast continent of China, experiencing everything from camel rides in the Gobi Desert to bike riding along ancient city walls and night river cruises through Shanghai. They also took lessons in calligraphy at their host school and performed the Chinese harp to local audiences.

Japanese students journeyed through the Land of the Rising Sun, discovering the splendour of ancient temples and shrines, learning about the day in the life of a student at the Fujimigaoka Girls School, making real and decorative food, broadening their Japanese vocab and much more.

A group of Ravenswood girls and their fathers joined with students from Knox Grammar School for a trek through Kokoda in Papua New Guinea in time for Anzac Day. The challenging trip called for grit and resilience but was an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the diggers who fought in arguably Australia’s most significant campaign of the Second World War. The Ravenswood crew even had the chance to catch up with some Papua New Guinean Old Girls for dinner.

Our French students enjoyed a spectacular New Caledonian adventure with their Knox Grammar School peers. They took French lessons every day at the Institut Voltaire, improved their practical French on scavenger hunts in beautiful Noumea and deepened their understanding of Melanesian culture in the homes of their generous host families.

Finally, Ravenswood athletics enthusiasts challenged themselves to four days of intensive training at the Athletics and Cross Country Camp in Runaway Bay in Queensland.