Boarder Pride

Posted : 27-Jul-2018 FAVOURITE

Director of Boarding Lucy Cumming with Boarding Captains Leah and Anna

Boarder pride has never been higher at Ravenswood. The introduction of boarders from Year 7 has led to a range of initiatives and as a result, weekly boarders are increasingly choosing to stay at school rather than miss out on the weekend fun.

‘Our slogan in the College is Boarders are Best,' says Year 7 student Sophie. ‘It is so much fun. I have made friends from every year group and it feels just like I have gained lots of new sisters.’ ‘There is always someone to talk to and something entertaining to do,’ says fellow Year 7 boarder, Tara.

The Director of Boarding, Lucy Cumming, has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and works closely with the Boarding Captains to help them enhance their fellow boarders’ physical and mental wellbeing through Positive Education approaches. ‘Dinner time is particularly special,’ Lucy says. ‘Everyone shares what has gone well for them that day and celebrates each other’s successes.’

'I think the messages of Positive Education are logical and beneficial,’ says Ria (Year 7). ’We are always reminded to have a growth mindset and to find the good in people, even when we are having a bad day.’ According to Matilda (Year 7), Positive Education benefits mind and body. ‘It’s an all-over wellbeing approach. You learn to appreciate life more and focus on what you have rather than what you don’t,’ she says.

Boarding Captain Anna is proud of the deep bonds that boarders from different Year Groups have developed in such a short time. ‘Boarder identity is very strong. I don’t think there is a single boarder who doesn’t know their value within the Ravenswood community,’ she says.