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2020 Academic Results

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We offer special congratulations to our remarkable Class of 2020 students on their excellent performance in the Higher School Certificate (HSC). Their outstanding achievements are a credit to their fortitude, resilience and immense efforts in what has been an extraordinary and unprecedented academic year, as a result of the challenges of a global pandemic. We are proud of the way our Ravenswood Year 12 girls have overcome these unique challenges with the invaluable wisdom and support of our dedicated staff, combined with the unswerving care of their parents and families.

Our School has a long history of academic excellence and our 88 HSC students, together with our 30 International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma students, have continued this tradition, applying themselves with great commitment, positivity and focus. We are truly inspired by their efforts and achievements.

It is important to emphasise that today’s release of the HSC results and Sydney Morning Herald school rankings form only part of the picture of Ravenswood’s 2020 overall Year 12 performance, as our IB students will not receive their results until 3 January 2021. This means that 25% of our Class of 2020 cohort’s results (the highest proportion of IB students we have had) are not taken into account in today’s reported results. For this reason, as is the case with other IB Schools, the published school rankings do not form an accurate representation of our Class of 2020 cohort’s academic performance. In January more information will be available on the exciting combined HSC/IB and ATAR results.

Today, we are pleased to celebrate and share with you highlights of the achievements of our HSC students.

I am delighted to announce that our girls have achieved the highest proportion of top band results (Band 6 or E4) for some time. This is particularly impressive considering the year that has been and is also a testament to the girls embracing a positive mindset - approaching their studies with grit and a sense of purpose. We particularly congratulate the many students who have achieved well above their expected results. We are so proud of the Class of 2020!

Highlights include:

  • Anna Chung achieved full marks (50/50) in Music Extension;
  • Jacqueline Cowdery was placed 4th in the state in German Extension;
  • 3 students named on the All-round Achievers merit list (student achieved result in the highest band in 10 or more units). Congratulations to Jacqueline Cowdery, Danielle Fenech and Gabriella Pancino;
  • 129 mentions on the Distinguished Achievers list (student achieved result in the highest band) including accelerated courses from Year 11;
  • 21 students nominated for HSC Subject Showcases (Design and Technology, Drama, Music, Textiles and Design, and Visual Arts). Four students have been selected for ARTEXPRESS: congratulations Elizabeth Hayman, Madeleine Lee, Shaye Miller and Jasmin Pitts;
  • every student who studied the following subjects received Band 6 or 5 (E4 or E3) results: English Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Science Extension, History Extension, Ancient History, Music Extension, Music 2, Visual Arts, German Extension, Japanese Extension, Japanese Continuers, French Continuers and German Continuers.
We warmly thank our Year 12 teachers for their commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to each girl’s success this year. We are deeply grateful to all the teaching and non-teaching staff who have gone above and beyond in supporting our students to fulfil their potential and flourish throughout their learning journey here at Ravenswood.

Finally, I would once again like to thank you, our parents of the Class of 2020, for your immense support and care of your daughters throughout their education and for your valued partnership with our School.

Mrs Anne Johnstone