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Guringai Land

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The Northern Sydney region and Central Coast of NSW is home to the Guringai people and seasonally, the Darginyung people, pre and post European settlement.

These areas were rich in edible vegetation and native animals. The Guringai people hunted and gathered on these lands for centuries and lived as one with the land, only taking what was required, and caring for the land with such practices as fire stick farming, to replenish the vegetation and dispose of leaf litter. Their presence in this area was recorded pre-1790.

Neil Evers is a direct descendent of the Guringai people, who visits Ravenswood each year to give a Welcome to Country at the Junior School Presentation morning. He also kindly donated a book on the Guringai people to our school library. Tracey Howie, from Guringai Tribal link, provided to Ravenswood the stingray design, which is their tribal symbol, and this proudly hangs on the flags in the Junior School courtyard.


All official occasions held at Ravenswood commence with the following:

Acknowledgement of Country:

‘We acknowledge, that we are here today on the land of the Guringai people. The Guringai are the traditional owners of this land and are part of the oldest surviving continuous culture in the world. We pay our respects to the spirits of the Guringai people.’

Mr Neil Evers

Guringai descendent,
at the 2014 Junior School
Presentation morning