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Strategic Plan 2017-2020

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The launch of Ravenswood’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan was the culmination of a lengthy planning process to examine our goals towards 2020. Hundreds of stakeholders were involved, giving generously of their wisdom, perspective and feedback, including areas of improvement and what they value most dearly about our wonderful school.

At Ravenswood, our commitment is to nurture and challenge each girl to discover her potential, passion and purpose by creating learning experiences that build self-efficacy, extend intellectual capacity, develop global awareness and foster their unique character strengths, a sense of purpose and important skills for life.

Our vision is drawn from our historic roots and understanding of the future. The inspirational concept for Ravenswood’s four year Strategic Plan, Igniting Potential, Inspiring Passion and Purpose is based on the school motto and our commitment to an understanding of education as the kindling of a flame.

Strategic Plan

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