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Positive Education

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Ravenswood has adopted the evidence-based approach of Positive Education to enable students to not only thrive as learners but establish a solid foundation for ongoing success in their lives beyond school.

Positive Education has its basis in Positive Psychology, a strengths-focused, scientifically proven approach to enable individuals and communities to flourish. One of the field’s pioneers was former president of the American Psychological Association, Martin Seligman. His scientific study of the effects of positive emotions and the ways they improve health, performance and overall life satisfaction, have shown that authentic, meaningful happiness can be taught and learned.

Positive Psychology was first applied to a school setting in 2007. As a preventative approach to wellness, it holds enormous value as part of an overall school wellbeing program. At Ravenswood, Positive Education is being integrated into curricular, co-curricular and pastoral care programs. Our students will learn to identify their strengths and employ them in the service of something much larger than themselves, in turn establishing the foundations for meaningful lives.

Positive Education aligns strongly with Ravenswood’s focus on educating the whole child and our emphasis on the development of general wellbeing. Importantly, its core virtues link well to our existing Guiding Principles of Excellence, Respect, Optimism, Courage and Compassion.

Ravenswood’s Deputy Principal, Kim Bence, our Wellbeing Team and visiting key experts have begun leading staff in Positive Education training. Mentor programs for students in Years 10–12 are progressing well. In time to come, Positive Education will be embedded in every aspect of Ravenswood life.

Ravenswood is proud to be named an Innovative School for 2018 by The Educator for work in the areas of Positive Education and STEM: https://bit.ly/2wH3HBO.