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Positive Education

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Ravenswood is recognised as one of the leading girls’ schools in Positive Education, globally. We are the first school in NSW to implement a Visible Wellbeing approach to Positive Education under the guidance of Professor Lea Waters, Professor and Founding Director of the Positive Psychology Centre, the University of Melbourne and President of the International Positive Psychology Association.

Positive Education at Ravenswood offers a range of empirically validated approaches from the field of Positive Psychology which are delivered through interventions, programs and practices to promote the wellbeing of our students, staff and wider community. Our aim is to embed wellbeing as a cornerstone to enable your daughter to flourish.

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 We are passionate about excellence in education and helping both our students and staff to fulfil their potential and flourish as learners and people. Our School community understands and acknowledges that learning and wellbeing are inextricably linked, dynamic and personal processes that should be cultivated.

 Our Positive Education approach incorporates our explicit curriculum designed to support your daughter to establish optimistic habits of mind that propel her forward in her learning, personal development and character. Complementing our curriculum, our interventions and programs at every level teach the skills of wellbeing to actively cultivate the dispositions of optimism, resilience, grit and compassion for others in our daily interactions. We will help your daughter discover her personal strengths and how to harness them, thereby optimising her educational experiences both within and beyond the classroom.

 The Ravenswood Visible Wellbeing program is a new and innovative approach to developing and enhancing student wellbeing beyond the traditional health and wellbeing curriculum delivered in many schools. Visible Wellbeing complements our holistic approach to positive education through the integration of innovative teaching practices across key learning areas that are specifically designed to develop the wellbeing of students when immersed in a myriad of learning experiences.

 Our Wellbeing Team is led by highly qualified and experienced educators and involves a multi-faceted system of support and guidance provided by staff, Mentors, Year Coordinators and Assistant Year Coordinators, Head of Senior School and our Deputy Principal – Boarding, Wellbeing and Development. Our School Chaplain, Clinical Psychologists, Learning Enrichment Team and Health Care Unit are also available to our girls for support, guidance and advice. 

Ravenswood is proud to be named an Innovative School for 2018, 2019 and The Winner in 2020 by The Educator for work in the areas of Positive Education and STEM: https://bit.ly/2wH3HBO. Ravenswood is also proud to be given an Excellence Award in 2021 and 2022, and a 5-Star Innovative School's Award in 2022 in the Australian Education Awards. Ravenswood was also selected for The Educator's Hot List 2022 for innovative work in Positive Education.