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Welcome to Ravenswood School for Girls, a place of academic excellence where we strive to help girls flourish in every aspect of their lives.

Interview on commencement at Ravenswood.

Mrs Anne Johnstone is Ravenswood’s tenth Principal and commenced in January 2016.

Anne is passionate about girls' education and helping students fulfil their potential and flourish. She is dedicated to offering girls the very best education and recognises that preparing them to take their place as lifelong learners in a globalised society is essential. Anne strives to ensure that students understand how to harness their strengths, develop a growth mindset, and make a positive contribution to the lives of others and the world around them. She was previously Principal of Seymour College, a leading independent day and boarding school for girls in Adelaide, South Australia. Anne is also a founding Board member of the Positive Education Schools Association (PESA), and has been a leader in the implementation of positive education in schools, along with wellbeing and resilience in learning.

Anne has a rich and diverse academic background. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Laws degree (with Honours), and a Graduate Diploma in Education. She has been the recipient of the Teachers’ Guild of NSW Award for Excellence in the Early Years of Teaching. In 2004, Anne was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship to explore strategies to foster resilience in learning. Anne conducted this study while based at Cambridge University, England.

Prior to her appointment as Principal of Seymour College, Anne has held a range of leadership positions including Deputy Headmistress, Head of Senior School, Head of Junior School and Coordinator of Gifted Education. Anne began her teaching career as an English teacher, and has also taught history, applied psychology and philosophy.

Before pursuing her passion for teaching, Anne practised as a lawyer. She has also worked as a consultant advising schools and law firms in the areas of positive psychology, resilience, leadership and communication skills, and lectured at Macquarie University in Law. In both 2014 and 2015 Anne has been invited to lecture in the postgraduate degree in Positive Education offered by the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne, as well as being an invited speaker at a number of national and international conferences.