Photo by Madison Davis, Year 8 2015

Visual Arts


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The Digital Camera

For students in Years 7–11, these classes develop students’ photographic skills with digital SLR, smartphone and multimedia cameras.

Students learn about the camera’s functions including flash, apertures and shutter speed. Studio lighting workshops are conducted with an emphasis on self-directed projects. Included are basic Photoshop functions on how to format, save and print files. Classes are once a week, after school.

Digital Imaging

For Year 12 HSC students, this class gives specific tuition for HSC Visual Arts Major Works using Photoshop. Enrolment in this course also enables students to seek technical support outside of class time and additional workshop days, if necessary. It also covers digital photography (camera settings, image resolution, colour balance and optimum file format). Classes are once a week, after school.

Photoshop/Post Production

For students in Years 7–11, these classes teach students to use Photoshop for everything from retouching and repairing images, to forming images into artistic montages and incorporating text and graphic design skills.

These classes cover lighting and textural effects, adjustments to contrast and colour balance, and file formats for print and web use. Students have the opportunity to use our large format printer. Classes are once a week, after school.

Darkroom Photography

For students in Years 7–11, in these classes students learn how to operate an SLR film camera. They are introduced to wet black and white film processing, developing and printing, which incorporates a range of experimental techniques. They also participate in a studio lighting workshop. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to develop areas of personal interest through self-directed projects. Classes are once a week, after school.